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Here’s why you shouldn’t freak out about that study suggesting french fries increase risk of death


Alright, french fry lovers, you might have heard that apparently, the amount of times per week you eat fried potatoes could increase your risk of death. 

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat fried potatoes two or more times a week “were at an increased risk of mortality.”

But the results of this one study aren’t as scary or dire as they sound. 

The 4,400 members of the study (aged 45 to 79) were divided into groups based on how often they ate fried potatoes per week. The study ran over the course of eight years and during that time, 236 of the participants died. Researchers helmed by lead author Nicola Veronese determined, “those who ate fried potatoes two to three times per week were twice as likely to die early compared to those who didn’t eat fried potatoes.” Read more…

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